Pokemon Insurgence Discord: Ban Appeal
Please only submit a Ban Appeal if any of the following applies to you:
• You are now over 13 and were banned for being under 13.
• Your ban does not reflect the rules now that they have been updated/changed.
• You were previously banned for discussing hacking/debugging/exploitation/macro usage.

If any of those apply to you please submit a ban appeal using this application.
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Discord Name, including your numbers (e.g: MisterBulldops#2043) *
Discord ID (Settings > Appearance > Developer Mode > Right Click Own Profile Pic on messages > Copy ID)
Contact Email (this is required if you would like to be notified regarding your appeal)
Have you been banned from the Pokemon Insurgence Discord more than once? *
Why and when were you banned? *
Why should you be unbanned? *
If needed, do you have any evidence? Please provide any images using Imgur (https://imgur.com/)
Do you understand our rules? *
Rules can be seen here: https://i.imgur.com/WJdrvSU.png
Please type this down below: I have read the rules and agree to no longer break them. *
Once this form is submitted the staff will review it as a team and decide if you should be unbanned or not.

REMINDER: This isn't a 100% fool-proof way to get unbanned from our server. This is just an application so we can decide whether or not you deserve to be unbanned according to the circumstances of your ban.
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