Group supervision and clinical improvisation 2022
(Updated on Oct 2022)

Music can be, more than just a means, a language to tap into the world of our clients to engage and communicate. Clinical improvisation is highly used in Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy (NRMT) to develop musical relationship between client(s) and the therapist(s) and to facilitate various levels of music engagement that addresses the clients’ therapeutic goals.

By joining this Group Supervision and Clinical Improvisation, you will be, through group experiential learning,
🔹 Receiving supervision
🔹 Expanding music vocabularies:
    Use of styles, modes and scales, structural improvisation, vocal improvisation etc.
🔹 Developing your own improvisation style for your own practice !

Format: Candidate A supervision time (40min) + Candidate B supervision time (40min) + exploring improvisation (40min) (Tentative) 

Group size :  2 - 5

🌿 🌴 Welcome music therapists and music therapy students!
(For others who are interested in this program, you are also welcome to contact us.)

#Keywords: Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy; Clinical Improvisation; Improvisation skills; Supervision; Group Learning

Monthly meeting (Wednesday or Friday evenings)


1️⃣  28/10/2022 (fri) 18:15-19:45; or
2️⃣  28/10/2022 (fri)19:30-21:00; or
3️⃣  2/11/2022 (wed) 19:30-21:00; or 
4️⃣  4/11/2022 (fri) 18:15-19:45; or
5️⃣  4/11/2022 (fri)19:30-21:00

Venue: Music Within Learning and Therapy Centre
(Address: 814, Wealth Commercial Centre, 48 Kwong Wa Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon)

$2500 per person (for 4 sessions); $680 per person (for 1 session)

Session Duration: 1.5 hour to 2 hours
(Depending on no. of participants: 1.5 hours for 2-3 persons; 2 hours for 4-5 persons)

1) Edmund Ma Hok Tsun
🔸Registered Music Therapist (AusMTA)
🔸Nordoff-Robbins trained practitioner

Edmund has been working as an in-house music therapist in aged care facilities for more than 10 years, with experience in directed services, staff training, supervising volunteers, students and therapists. Besides he has teaching experience in vocational and tertiary institutes. He believes that one's improvisation skill and style are dynamic and are rooted with one's approaches, trainings and backgrounds. Formal supervision in group format can be cost effective and is worth to explore further in Hong Kong.

2) Diana Chan Tsz Kwan
🔸Registered Music Therapist (AusMTA)
🔸Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapist
🔸Master of Creative Music Therapy in Western Sydney University (Distinction)
🔸Bachelor of Arts in Music in the Chinese University of Hong Kong
🔸Trinity ATCL in Piano Recital (Distinction)
🔸ABRSM Grade 8 in Vocal (Distinction)

Diana has finished her post-masters Nordoff Robbins level I training (blended learning) from Nordoff-Robbins Center for Music Therapy (New York University Steinhardt) and been receiving regular supervisions from Dr. Alan Turry. She is enthusiastic in promoting Nordoff-Robbins approach and believes music as an essential human experience for anyone to engage and communicate with self and others regardless of abilities.

Diana has been practising for around 8 years and specialising in working with youth/adults/elderly with mental challenges and kids with special needs in her music therapy practice in Hong Kong. She also gives lecture-workshops in different organisations and published poster-presentation in conference. She has been guest lecturing in the Master of Music Therapy in the University of Melbourne and taking music therapy placement students and music volunteers. She always believes experiential learning is the best way to learn!


‼️ Special arrangement for student group (If all registered group members are students or non-MTs)!
        🔹Content will be suitable for those who wants to explore the use of music in clinical settings
        🔹Introduction of several common music skill sets, with cases and scenarios
        🔹Exploring clinical improvisation and music materials depending on readiness of members

        -Clinical work sharing (by participants or supervisors)
        -Skill set: music and movement, sing along with guitar, drumming, songs with variations...etc
        -Clinical improvisation exploration


Please kindly fill in the form if you are interested in joining. We will contact you soon. Thank you.

Email: (Edmund) 
Phone: 51907923 (Diana)

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Group Supervision and Clinical Improvisation 2022
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