Oxford Archers Fast Track Application
Oxford Archers welcomes anybody who would like to try archery with a view to taking up the sport and joining our club. On the beginners' course our instructors will teach you correct shooting technique and ensure you know how to shoot safely within a club environment.

Courses are a minimum of 4 hours tuition, usually in 2 separate sessions, and can be organised for individuals or groups of up to 3. If necessary your coach may arrange for an additional session before issuing you your certificate. Dates and times will be arranged to suit your requirements as much as possible. The course will most likely be held at our outdoor venue in North Hinksey.

You must arrange your course with the Coaching Organiser and complete and send in this form prior to the start of your course.

Cost: The fee for a fast track private beginner's course is £100.00 (adults) / £60.00 (juniors under 18). Payment by PayPal to treasurer@oxford-archers.org. Details for payment via direct bank transfer are available on request. Please note: this form and payment must be sent before attending the course!

Juniors: We generally allow juniors of 10 years and above, younger juniors may be accepted at the discretion of your coach. Juniors must be accompanied by parents, or parentally approved guardians, at all times when shooting. We discourage single juniors

Equipment: We provide all the equipment for the course. Please do not buy any equipment yourselves. Once you have completed the course and joined the club, we can offer bows for hire, or offer advice to help you purchase your own equipment.

Clothing: You should wear comfortable, close-fitting clothes. If it is chilly we recommend you wear several thin layers rather than one bulky jacket, and to bring a woolly hat. Please avoid wearing baggy jumpers or jackets as bow strings tend to catch on them, and spoil your shot!

Venues Outdoors at the Oxford Rugby Club, North Hinksey, Oxford OX2 0NA

Contact If you have any queries, please e-mail our Coaching Organiser (coaching-organiser@oxford-archers.org).

Terms and Conditions
• An application form must be completed, and receipt of the form must be confirmed before the start of the course.
• Please disclose any relevant medical conditions on the application form. This information will be treated with absolute confidence.
• All course fees must be paid in full before the start of the course.
• Beginners' course fees do not entitle you to membership of Oxford Archers.
• All coaching and shooting will be strictly in accordance with the ArcheryGB Rules of Shooting, regulations and practice.
• Any contravention of shooting or safety rules will result in immediate suspension from the lesson.
• Oxford Archers retain the right to refuse further access to the beginner’s course if a participant persistently disobeys the safety instructions or the rules of shooting.
• Oxford Archers cannot accept any responsibility for damage or injury sustained whilst entering or leaving the venue.
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Please list any physical or learning disabilities or medical conditions which you believe may affect your ability to take part in archery. (This information will be treated in absolute confidence and will only be used by your coaches to determine the most appropriate equipment and teaching styles to suit your personal needs.)
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