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Maldives is currently seeing a gradual increase in small scale young food entrepreneurs popping up to fill nascent demands for healthier, fresh and more sustainable specialty foods with an artisan touch of locality. This is also concomitant with the rise in income levels seen especially in the capital city that underpins the demand for healthier and sustainably sourced dietary alternatives.

The main issue these food startups face is that they are usually home-based workers where producing large amounts of food at home is almost next to impossible, if not running dangerously afoul of the law which requires FDA approval of any space that is being used to produce food for commercial purposes. The other alternative is to rent a space to accommodate mass production which not only requires paying a hefty monthly rent but also requires commercial grade equipment and high upfront costs which creates a significant barrier to growth for food entrepreneurs. Furthermore, food startups foster the development of culinary skills and stimulates interest in these areas which can enable tourist resorts to hire and retain local culinary talents as the main challenge in the tourism industry is the lack of supply of local talents in the food and beverage industry.

Considering these challenges, Business Centre Corporation plans to build a co shared kitchen facility in Hulhumale, that would be the first of its kind, licensed and fully equipped food grade commercial kitchen to assist these businesses looking to leave their test kitchen at home and grow with ease.

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Your answers will help us design a co-shared kitchen (or a commercial kitchen) that best suits your needs and determine the most appropriate model that could offer affordable rates to all the interested and potential parties. The information that you provide here will be kept private and confidential.

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Access to storage (cold and dry)
Co-packing Services
Food Photography
Food Procurement (access to specialty products, quality ingredients)
Retail distribution
Partnership/Collaboration/Networking with other like-minded businesses
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