Bangladesh Brand Forum (BBF) is a pursuit to transform the corporate world of Bangladesh through establishing the branding ethos. BBF publishes a monthly publication to achieve that goal. The magazine with its rich editorial panel and advisory board provides local and global brand news, analysis, feature article, case studies, campaign review and many more to inspire local managers in building great businesses and brands.

You can get printed copies of BBF Monthly through subscription.

Subscription Details:
To get a copy of BBF Monthly every month at your doorstep, please fill up this form. BBF team will contact you back in order to confirm the subscription. In order to receive the magazine of the current/running month, subscription must be completed by the first week/within the first ten days of the month. If you subscribe between 10th to 30th of a month, you will start receiving the copies from the next month.

Payment Process:
The yearly subscription fee for BBF Monthly is BDT 1,800 only. You will receive the payment voucher with your first copy. Please pay the full amount (BDT 1,800) to the person handing over the first copy to you. For next 11 months, one copy per month will be sent to your address.

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