Miner Equity Team Kickoff Survey
This survey is anonymous and the below questions are open-ended, so feel free to be as concise or thorough as you like. This is just one method to collect some early feedback - team meetings themselves will be our primary forum for developing and discussing our thoughts and ideas. To gather metrics on how well we're reaching ALL families, we do ask that you consider answering the demographic data questions, although these are optional.

Thank you!
What does equity at Miner mean to you?
Your answer
What is Miner doing well to create an equitable and inclusive environment?
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What actions or ideas do you suggest for improving equity and inclusiveness at Miner?
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Our family identifies as (select as many as apply)
Our child(ren) is/are in the following grade(s) (select all that apply)
How many years has your family been at Miner? If you are a teacher/staff/neighbor: how long have you worked at Miner or lived in the neighborhood?
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