Member Input Survey
We’re looking to understand the usage of our horizon scanning scanning service and being a registered user, we’d welcome your views and opinions by completing this short survey. By way of appreciation of your time and comments, we’ll be entering all respondents of this survey into a free draw to win 3-months free subscription to Shaping Tomorrow, subscription, which is worth almost $300.
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How did you first hear about Shaping Tomorrow?
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What circumstances or need initially motivated you to register with Shaping Tomorrow?
Thinking about the last time you used Shaping Tomorrow, what specifically drove this need?
How satisfied were you with the output?
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If you scored it 3 or 4, why would you say that?
How did you use the output(s) from the site?
Did you use any other inputs for your project? If so, what were they?
Do you use other horizon scanning and/or foresight services do you use?
Are you aware that Shaping Tomorrow offers a range of subscription options?
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Have you ever considered buying a a Shaping Tomorrow subscription?
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What factors stopped you from buying a subscription?
How easy do you find the site to use?
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Very difficult
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Do you have any suggestions to improve the site?
How likely would you be to recommend Shaping Tomorrow to others?
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Very unlikely
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If you are unlikely to recommend Shaping Tomorrow to others, what could we do to make that more likely?
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