Application for the Stories from Unheard Voices Expansion Project
Stories from Unheard voices is an online, oral-storytelling platform that highlights immigrants and children of immigrants storytellers. To expand the project, young womxn will hop on board and help with the expansion of it becoming an inter-generational storytelling project. Young womxn will learn about the power of storytelling and get to interview individuals from their respective communities.This project will help uplift the many immigrant and refugee communities that Southwest Minnesota has and bring light to their stories of struggle and triumphs. As a young womxn, you will be able to walk away as a stronger storyteller, a pride in documenting stories of our community, and with new skills. Workshops include: storytelling 101 and mental health & trauma. This is a paid opportunity for the summer of 2020! *Only 6-8 womxn will be selected to participate at this time.*

To apply you must identify as a:
- womxn (inclusive of non-binary and trans folx)
- immigrant/refugee and/or child of immigrant/refugee(s)
- Southwest Minnesotan
- between the age of 16 and 24.
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