SMOE Assessment 4
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A person who puts capital to use for long-term gain and buy shares of stock for years or decades. *
A strategy use by a person who invest in stocks *
A simple investment mode of investing a fixed amount in a particular stock at regular intervals. *
An investing mode to buy stocks that just got public *
These are stocks belong to blue chips EXCEPT. *
A person who seeks to generate short-term profits by buying and selling stocks over and over again. *
A strategy use by a person who trade stocks *
A mode of trading about buying and selling on the same day without holding positions overnight. They hold position for minutes to hour and close all trades before market close. *
A trading mode that buy and holds the stock to months. *
Which stock is NOT a blue chip? *
This is used by many traders to compare the expected profit versus loss undertaken. *
Things to remember in conducting risk assessment EXCEPT *
Which is NOT a checklist for reward plan *
The fund is you are responsible for buying and selling stocks if you have time and effort to learn the investing and trading. *
Which is NOT a stock brokerage firm? *
Requirements for opening an account to stockbroker EXCEPT *
The Philippine stock trading hours during weekdays except holidays *
This stock is NOT included in PSEi *
The lowest price that an investor will accept to sell. *
How much is the maximum percentage earning or losing daily in stocks? *
Refers to the minimum number of shares you can buy or sell depends on the market price of the stock at the time you place your order. *
What is the minimum number of shares that you can buy for JFC if the market price is P270? *
Which types of order should be make when a trader places an offer to buy or sell a stock valid for 7 calendar days. *
In order to breakeven in stock trading, how many percent should you make? *
The available money of an investor for the purpose of buying stocks *
It refers to legal companies to collect investment in the Philippines registered in SEC or BSP or IC. *
Who oversees the buying and selling of stocks or bonds in Managed Fund *
A type of fund that invested into fixed income or debt securities that pay a rate of interest based on the par value. *
An investment company that issues shares to the public. It pools and invests the money it receives from shareholders in a wide range of stocks, bonds or money market securities to meet specific investment objectives. *
Which is NOT a Mutual Fund company? *
It is a collective investment scheme operated in accordance to Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas *
These are banks offering UITF to its investors EXCEPT *
It is an insurance plan with benefits linked to the performance of the investment complied with Insurance Commission. *
Whis is NOT an insurance company offering VUL? *
Which of the following is a disadvantage of investing in Managed Fund *
If the investor profile is aggressive who is interested in capital gains for long term, then this type of fund is best for you. *
Who are agents in Mutual Fund? *
What instruments are issued in Unit Investment Trust Funds *
What is the main advantage of VUL compare to Mutual Fund and UITF *
Who says “Over the long-term, quality stocks provide potentially higher returns and protection against inflation.” *
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