ROG Cabin Event Registration - Members
You must be paid up for all previous events, plus have your dues paid up for *at least* 6 months in advance to use this form and get the discounted members-rate. If you are not paid up you have to use the same registration form our Guests use, and pay a higher event fee.
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(This space is to register your current significant other for the event, and *only* if we already know them. If they are new to us, have them fill out the normal Guest Registration.)
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You must agree to to this waiver to attend this event. I, the registrant and representative of all registering within my party, understand that I am completely responsible for myself, my property and my minor children, if any, and will hold ADF, Red Oak Grove, its Officers, Members and the facility we are using, harmless, in the case of any illness, injury or loss occurring at this event. I agree to behave in a safe, sociable and courteous manner, respectful to those around me in all ways and will obey all the rules and laws governing both the State of New Jersey and the facility we are using. I further understand that any weapons or tools must be cleared by the Security Team and/or the ROG Officers, secured at all times and that they have the final authority in all such matters. Lastly, I understand that if I (or any other individuals in my part) am disruptive in any way, I (they) may be asked and required to leave immediately, with no expectation of refund offered or given.
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