It is my understanding you would like the church to assist you financially. In order to evaluate the suitability of your request, please read the instructions below, then click on the link at the bottom of the page. You will be directed to the form you will need to fill out.

The Northview Church seeks to live in accordance with the Scriptures, particularly as it relates to assisting those who have needs. The purpose of our Benevolence Fund is to help members and non-members in extreme, immediate, and short-term situations -- helping on an infrequent basis (rather than on an ongoing basis).

Financial needs often occur because of unexpected circumstances, and the Northview Church is willing to provide benevolence assistance in a limited and defined manner. Repayment is not required, but if the applicant is blessed in the future and wants to help others, repayment will certainly be accepted in the weekly contribution.

The NVCC Benevolence Application Form includes a section in which the applicant is asked to describe all efforts made to reach financial stability in view of current circumstances. For example, has assistance been requested from immediate/extended family, friends, other churches, employers, community or government resources? Has the applicant applied for appropriate unemployment insurance or part time jobs during this temporary setback? The church believes that overcoming this situation will be accomplished through the determined, resourceful and faithful efforts made by the applicant. Our desire is to walk with each applicant in support and love.

Our desire to be generous with respect to benevolence is constrained by both our resources and IRS guidelines and regulations governing the gift of tax-deductible donations to persons in need. Although we attempt to respond to all needs, our resources are limited and often makes for difficult choices among situations of legitimate need.

All approvals need to be made in accordance with IRS guidelines and regulations, and no benevolence request shall be paid without a review of the requesting party's financial affairs by a member of the Benevolence Committee. The primary purpose of this review is to verify the need for the request.

Those requesting assistance must be willing to give the Benevolence Committee permission to follow up on any of the information provided to the committee. The committee will be sensitive to confidential issues.

Here are several important things to know as you fill out the application:

1. Do your best to fill out the entire application form, and provide as much information and as many details as possible, including supporting documentation. This helps expedite the processing and approval process.
2. If you have not been a member of the Northview Church for at least six months, please also provide a copy of your photo ID.
3. In most cases, we prefer to send Benevolence payments directly to third-parties -- landlord, bank, utility company, etc. Please provide copies of recent bills or invoices which includes mailing and account information.

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