Families Helping Families Survey
Alma Families Helping Families is a new initiative this year. Its purpose is to form stronger relationships among Alma Families and create community so that we can all support Alma's scholars together.

Thank you for completing this brief survey-- your responses will help us to plan events for Families Helping Families in the future.
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Family Mentoring
Being a parent is hard! Families Helping Families wants to bring parents together with each other so that they can share ideas and learning related to parenting. We are hoping to connect some of our new families or parents who are struggling with parent mentors who can help them.
How many friends do you have who also have children at Alma del Mar?
Are you interested in being a mentor for another Alma parent?
Planning Events and Activities
Families Helping Families would like to hold a series of events this year to help Alma families get to know each other. We would love input from you about what types of activities would be most interesting to you.
What events would you be most interested in? (please check all that apply)
Are you interested in organizing or leading activities for Alma families?
Do you have any other ideas or suggestions?
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