Army of Lightness Officer Application
[AoL] is a very large, casual, mostly PvE (NA) guild. We have been around since the early days of Guild Wars: Prophecies, and have an active alliance with another large ancient guild [RLR] The Lords of Dragon Heart. Some of our current officers have become less active. We are looking for active/social people to take charge of activities and keep our guild active, lively, social, fun, and interesting.

If you are interested in helping [AoL] be active and interesting, please fill out this application. You do not have to be perfect in all aspects of the game to be an officer. We need officers of all types: Group Leaders, Social Butterflies, Recruiters, etc.

If we accept your application, do not expect instant promotion. There will be a "getting to know you" period. Yes, you will have to prove your trustworthiness, sociability, and leadership qualities. And, maybe kiss my ass a little :P

How long have you been playing Guild Wars?
Have you ever held a guild officer position before?
If you answered yes above, tell me a little about your experience.
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What types of groups are you comfortable leading? (check all that apply)
What type of Guild Officer would you be? (check all that apply)
What do you believe are the most important qualities needed in a guild officer?
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How do you believe that you can make a difference in a guild and keep it interesting?
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As a guild, we are open to people from many diverse backgrounds (ethnicity/political/sexuality). What are your thoughts on keeping the peace in a diverse environment?
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How would you describe the difference between offensive and insulting? What do you think of each, and how would you handle them? (like sex talk vs. bullying/trash talk) (Please, be honest. This question is important to me. Can you guess which one I think is more of a problem?)
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Your GW2 account name (yourname.####):
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What do you like to be called?
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Your e-mail address:
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