I Need a Mask
Tucker makes Masks for everyone.

Healthcare workers and members of the public are welcome to fill out this form. Orders are filled in a first come first serve fashion. Priority is given to local hospitals and high risk individuals. As the demand increases, there is now a limit per order of 25 for healthcare workers and high risk and 10 for members of the public. All out of state orders are limited to 10. You may request more in a few days but keep in mind, the orders will be sent where they are needed the most first. Also, don't be selfish. Don't order more than you need.

Demand is VERY HIGH and we are working as fast as we can. It will take us a 5-7 days to fill your request. We will notify you by text when your package is ready.

All masks are made by volunteers, many of which are currently unemployed. Please consider donating for supplies: gf.me/u/xuf3rs

And if you know how to sew (or own a needle and thread), you can make some for loved ones.
Here are 2 tutorials:

How to Hand Sew a Pleated Mask: https://youtu.be/IaoA8T_0_qU
Easy Cotton Mask: https://youtu.be/eAYBFh1gB3

Once you receive a mask, please wash it. Then try it on for size. Take a picture. Post it on Facebook and Tag Tucker Makes Masks!

Stay safe.
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These masks are not made my professionals. They are masks that get the job done. The masks are made by correct specifications but may not look pretty on the outside. These masks are made by people who want to help everyone get a mask.
The masks are not washed before packing. Please wash your mask before wearing. It is recommended to wash the mask in HOT HOT water after every use or every 4 hours. Bottom line, keep it clean and stop touching your face.
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If you are are Healthcare worker, please name the facility the masks are going to.
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Everything is donation based so we can't predict how many we will receive. It is first come first serve. We will let you know when the masks are ready by text. Spread the word, let's get more. Please consider donating for supplies. Cash, Venmo (sanah-sayani), or Cashapp ($sanahsayani) or GoFundMe (gf.me/u/xuf3rs) Thank you!
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