Made for More Project Ambassador Program
Welcome! If you are searching for ways to make an impact in your community - YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE!
The MFMP Ambassador program is a mentorship program for youth and young adults ranging from elementary school level to high school students. The mission of the MFMP Ambassador Program is to increase awareness about the positive impacts of art, spreading kindness, and becoming an advocate for kids in our community. By joining this program, our youth will become leaders within their communities and schools. MFMP Ambassadors work with one another and adults in their community to learn how to engage and launch projects to help create a better opportunity for students in low-income communities or communities with limited resources.

Youth from different areas of the Colorado are joining the Made for More Project movement to make a difference in their community! Together, we can change the lives of children by promoting the need for quality art education for all. Help us provide students with the tools that inspire a love for the arts, learning, reading, and creativity! .

Please fill in the information below to be considered for the MFMP AMBASSADOR PROGRAM. We look forward to reading your responses and will contact you shortly with your application status. Deadline for applications is June 28th , 2019.

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