Imagining a Just & Sustainable Future Post-COVID19
The DU Grand Challenges Urban Sustainability Cohort invites faculty, staff, students, and community members interested in “Imagining a Just and Sustainable Future – Post-COVID-19” to join in a Community Table Conversation May 15, from 12:00pm to 1:30pm. While this time calls for physical distance, it also calls us together for dialogue grounded in the grand challenges of our times.

The coronavirus pandemic has unleashed a period of tremendous disruption that fundamentally challenges our security, sense of normalcy and deeply engrained habits and behaviors. This apocalyptic moment exposes both threats and opportunities. Our sustainability and equity goals may be more at risk than at any time in recent memory. Yet the crisis is also revealing glimpses of ways to bring about a just transition to an equitable, sustainable economy in service to life and wellbeing for all. Through these challenging times we are faced with decisions of what we want to “bounce back” and what we want to dismantle for good.
***What is being asked of each of us during this crisis – as individuals and as members/partners of institutions - to spring forward into the just and sustainable futures we desire? What are the new challenges exposed by COVID-19 and how can we set ourselves up to address them as we emerge from the crisis?***

In the shadow of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day we reflect on ways of grounding our actions towards a just and sustainable future in mutually beneficial relationships, rooted in care, solidarity, and partnership. DU, as a private university dedicated to the public good, is especially interested in how we can all work together, in community, to build towards our shared future.
***How can we ensure our work together is mutually beneficial? Moreover, how do we bring the practice of reciprocity – the act and art of giving back – to our relationship with the earth and all her inhabitants?***

To register for this Community Table Conversation Imagining a Just and Sustainable Future Post COVID-19, please use this registration form. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Elizabeth Walsh, Urban Sustainability Cohort Coordinator at

Please respond to the following questions so that we can ensure a secure and smoothly operating online environment for community dialogue. We will be using Zoom for this call, with breakout groups of 5-10 people.
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