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We admonish you to read these 2 recent posts:



The above posts will give you some insight into our "growth plan".

The eventual post to explain our growth plan (in full details) isn't completed yet but it will be in a few weeks and we want to start preparing now. Efforts to effect this plan is under works on:

While we may try to implement a "subscription model" in the long run, "perhaps involving 1 SBD", we prefer to experiment first with hybrid of "donations/subscription" first. We will explain this better in our "growth plan" post.

Basically, where the monthly subscription/donation by "certified uloggers" is 1 SBD, we intend to create ways of replenishing part or all of this amount over the course of the month, either using votes or perks.

However the case is, we will be inventive in the methods we apply to this effect, with the aim of helping our "certified uloggers" further "mine the human".

Ultimately, we want our "certified uloggers" to truly love what #ulog represent, as they apply its use to "truly grow", to where money becomes the "smaller things".

We also want to create value for the "certified ulogger" role and this is another reason why we are embarking on this "donation/subscription" experiment.

There are several other reasons for our "donation/subscription" experiment but we will discuss this further in our "growth plan" post.

For starters, we will like to call this a donation as we will hold on to it for a start and we will intimate each "certified ulogger" as to when we will start the "monthly affair". Whenever this is the case, we will apply 1 SBD from your donation today, towards your subscription.

We want to attain a certain "tangible number of certified uloggers" before we go on to the "monthly plan" and this experiment will help organize the model right.

In any case, when we decide to receive a monthly subscription/donation, you can be sure that it will be around 1 SBD and we will relish ways to replenish it (per certified ulogger), over the course of the month.

Note that you can also donate on behalf of others but for now, let's start with you.

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