Therapeutic & Specialised meal order form
We provide therapeutic & specialised meal for people who have health conditions. Each meal plan is prepared according to your dietary needs. Let us help you to prepare your meals!

The foods are healthily prepared with
✓ Less salts
✓ Less bad fats
✓ No added sugars
✓ No processed foods
✓ No colouring
✓ No chemical preservatives.

Each dishes comes with
✓ 1 Carbs
✓ 1 Protein
✓ 1 Vege

✳ The dishes are rotating according to the meal plans. The menu will be selected by our merchant chefs and the foods are prepared by using available fresh ingredients.

✳ Please be noted that spices (chili, ginger, garlic etc.) and herbs (mint, parsley, coriander) could be used in the dishes hence please do understand that it is necessary to include them (if available).

✳ Please be alert that no changes in the ingredients or meals are accepted once the order has been completed.

✳ Pictures are for illustration purpose only.
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For us to contact you when your order has arrived and/or for our in-house dietitian to speak with you.
We would like to know your health condition (you may select more than one of the following conditions):
* If you have these conditions, our in-house dietitians will contact you and speak to you to understand your health status and medical conditions better, so that they can personalise the meal plan according to your dietary needs.
For vegetarian use
Allergies/ Special requests
You may select up to 3 ingredients to exclude from your meal.
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