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Register for our "Building Vibrant Families" seminars. 報名參加我們的"建設充滿活力的家庭"研討會。
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Please provide your email for reminders and updates about this seminar. 請提供您的電子郵件, 提醒和更新有關本次研討。
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If you do not attend a church, please type "N/A." 如果您不參加教堂,請鍵入"不適用。"
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If you will NOT be attending with others, please select "No". If you WILL be attending with others, please select "Other" and inform us how many will be attending with you.  如果您不會與其他人一起參加,請選擇 "否"。如果您將與其他人一起參加,請選擇 "其他" 並告知我們有多少人將與您一起參加。
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Select all the dates/seminars you would like to register for below.  選擇您希望註冊研討會的所有日期。
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Please note the venue for this seminar will be held at FECSGV in the Youth Center at 9:30AM - 11:30AM. 請注意,本次研討會的地點將於上午9:30至11:30在青年中心FECSGV舉行。
Which topics are you interested in attending in the future? 您將來有興趣參加些主題? *
Select all the topics below that interest you. 選擇您感興趣的所有主題。
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