COA Performing Arts Center COVID-19 Response Survey
Hello PAC family,

In this time of crisis, the theater needs all the support it can get and we are asking for your input to help us make some decisions for the near future. As you know, COVID-19 has essentially shut down all live performances for the time being. We are still hoping and planning to open our season in September but this year will look different than anything we have ever done before. We are dedicated to providing our loyal patrons and supporters with quality art and entertainment. We appreciate all you have done to support us in the past and look forward to forging new paths through uncharted territory with you.
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1) When the Governor moves to phase 3 and beyond what measures would the PAC need to take before you feel comfortable returning to a live performance.
2) In the event that the Governor does not choose to move to Phase 3, the PAC would like to offer other opportunities to join us in keeping the arts alive. Would you be interested in:
3) If the PAC offers live-streamed content, what would you be interested in seeing?
4) What would you be willing to pay for online content produced by the PAC?
5) If the PAC offers online Master Classes what would you be interested in learning from a professional in the field?
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