Monroe County Stormwater Partnership Program Grant Application
In 2013 Monroe County Soil & Water Conservation District and The County Highway Department/Stormwater Utilities joined forces to provide educational cost share funds to the residents of the county for projects that impact Soil Health and/or Water Quality in relations to all things Natural Resource Related.

If your project is accepted for funding you will receive an Agreement to sign before the project will be considered active. All funds will be paid at a 75% cost of the total receipts submitted or a maximum of $2000 which ever is reached first. No payments will be issued until the project is completed and verified by a representative of the SWCD.

Application updated Jan. 2021
Grant Eligibility
The parameters of eligibility set by the Monroe County Stormwater Board state that a person/landowner can only receive SWPP Grant funding once every three years. Example: If one has applied and received funds through a SWPP grant in 2020 they would not be eligible to apply for funds again until 2023.
I have not applied for a SWPP Grant in the past 3 years *
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