myTEAM TRIUMPH Crew Application
Being a part of the TRIUMPH Crew is an incredible volunteer experience! YOU get to help make all the magic happen! Our crew members work together as a team to organize and run weekly training runs in their region and are leaders on Race Day! You help make memorable experiences for our Angels and Captains happen!

Crew members are a local representation of our mission in each region and help with the behind the scene logistics. While being a member of the team, you also get the opportunity to network with other regions within the state of Wisconsin.

As a crew member we ask that you commit to the following year long commitment:

1) Sign Up as a crew member for a minimum of 10 training runs a year in your region
2) Sign up as a crew member for a minimum of 2 events a year in your region
3) Help recruit Angels, Captains and Volunteers for events
4) Attend our Wisconsin Conference in March

There are awesome perks to joining the crew:

1) FREE Premier Membership...basically you get to race for free in any and all of our events year round!
2) Guac.
3) Build incredible relationships with fellow Crew, our Board and Staff
4) Awesome resume builder!
5) Making inclusion a reality for our Captains and Angels!

Thank you for interest in joining our team! We will contact you soon!
Join us!
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