Online Training Initial Assessment
Our online training program consists of 3-5 workouts per week, 1-3 Recovery days (your choice), in depth warm ups, individualized strength program based off of your specific needs and wants, frequent communication with me through email and messaging, Free Teambuildr app to keep track of your progress, and videos of all exercises. This is a monthly subscription of $50 per month.
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How long have you been working out?
Have you experienced any previous injuries?
Has any of these injuries caused lack of mobility in specific areas, pain, or restricted you from doing things you love to do?
Are there any areas of weakness that you would like to improve?
Are there any specific muscle groups that you would like to get bigger/stronger?
Where are you working out and what equipment will be available? EX. Gym or Body Weight only, or I have some DB's -5-30lbs, etc.
How much time do you have available to workout? And how often would you like to workout each week? Ex. 45 mins. and I can workout 4 days per week
Would you like to add in Recovery days to your days off, such as mobility, banded shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle care?
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Any underlying health conditions that I should know about?
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