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The History Communication Institute (HCI) brings together a wide range of stakeholders to improve the landscape for history content online and building the future of teaching and communicating historical information. If you are looking for others committed to building a better future for history, you are in the right place.

INSTRUCTIONS: We'd love to have you part of our community Slack group. Fill out this form, and we will review and add you.

Our Slack workspace helps individuals connect with one another, discuss research, share events, learn about careers and job opportunities, and more.

The History Communication Institute (HCI) brings together a wide range of stakeholders to improve the landscape for history content online and build the future of teaching and communicating historical information more broadly.

The HCI was founded 2021 based on the reality that there is an immense passion from a diverse range of people from a variety of backgrounds to get involved in how technology is affecting what we know about our history, but there are limited pathways for these individuals to connect. That is the problem we are solving by building a more cohesive movement that is conducive for bringing in new voices.

We have a lot of projects and activities! You can see them all here: https://historycommunication.com/

Questions? HCI@historycommunication.com
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By joining the Slack channel, I agree to the History Communication Institute's Code of Conduct: 

1) Be nice to everyone and do not be mean to anyone
2) Treat all participants with respect and dignity
3) Stay curious and open-minded
4) Don't act like you know all the answers
5) Don't hog the mic; don't endlessly self-promote

Those who don't adhere to the guidelines will be removed.
THANK YOU! We look forward to having you in our Slack group!

If you are not yet part of our HCI community, we hope that you get plugged in!

Stay in touch at historycommunication.com & write us at HCI@historycommunication.com.
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