PATINS Follow-Up Survey
This QUICK survey will greatly help us at PATINS.
Please take 2 minutes and tell us about what you've gained from your recent PATINS Project training, workshop or presentation. This will help us fine tune our efforts, justify resources, and maintain funding.

Thank you so much for your time! I value your input greatly.

Approximately how long ago was your PATINS training, workshop or presentation? *
What was the title or general description of the PATINS training, workshop or presentation you participated in? *
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Did you utilize materials, methods, techniques or concepts gained from this PATINS training with your school setting: *
Is student achievement improving at all as a result of information gained from this PATINS training? *
Is student behavior improving as a result of information gained from this PATINS training? *
How many students do you feel directly benefited from the training that you received with PATINS? *
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If you have implemented anything from this PATINS training, please provide a BRIEF example or success story. You may also share photos, video, or text directly to the PATINS Facebook.
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Other comments, questions, concerns, suggestions you'd like to share with us or future trainings you'd like to request?
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We sometimes use comments on our website, social media, or brochures to provide personal accounts of experiences with PATINS services for other educators. May we use yours? *
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