Oktoberfest Tasting Event Participation Survey
We're planning an Oktoberfest tasting on September 23rd from 4-7 at the site of Klockow Brewing's parking lot.

We need your help to keep Oktoberfest alive in Grand Rapids. We don't know how big will turn out, but whether it's 50 or 250 folks that show , we plan to have fun anyway.

The club will provide the following:
Tasting cups
Rinse pails and water
Wrist bands

Klockow Brewing will provide the site and porta potty and parking..

We're working on getting a food truck, advertising on social media, and signage.

Please answer this survey to let us know if you can help...

Can you attend the event
Can you provide some beer to share with the public?
If you can provide some homebrew, please indicate style and quantity.
Your answer
Are you able to help with providing any of the following?
Do you have an 'in' with a food truck vendor that you could invite to the event?
Are you willing to help serve beer, check IDs, meet and greet, clean up afterwards, etc?
You Name:
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What is your Email address ?(We won't share it)
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If we can text you, please provide your cell number. We won't share it either.
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Do you have any comments about this planned event?
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Do you have any suggestions on how to promote it?
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