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1. A merchant has a store in Germany, selling to the European market (one website, one store, four store views). They would like to expand their sales to the United States. The products are the same, but the prices will be higher (beyond the normal currency conversion). Also, they will be presenting the products in a new category hierarchy. What is the smallest total (including previous and new) of websites, stores and store views that they can implement? *
2. A merchant has a single catalog of products but sells on two different domain names. While the design and product selection are slightly different between the two sites, the biggest difference between the two sites is the shipping and payment methods. To utilize different shipping and payment methods, you need to set up how many website, store & store view? *
3. A root category is configured at which store scope level? *
4. You maintain two websites that sell different products but share the same Magento installation. To accomplish this, you will need to set up: *
5. The base currency is specified in which scopes? (2 options) *
6. Magento product prices are configured at which store scope level? (2 options) *
7. You maintain a website that sells in North America with an English web site. You would like to branch out internationally with a Spanish and French website. To maintain one admin panel for all languages and the same theme, you need to set up how many website, store & storeview? *
8. A merchant sells the same catalog of products across two base websites (WebsiteA and WebsiteB). The prices are the same However, the category structure varies when comparing WebsiteA and WebsiteB. WebsiteA is localized to customers in the US and Mexico. WebsiteB is localized to customers in the US, France, and Germany. What is the minimum number of websites, store and store views to power the described setup? *
9. You are asked to sell the same catalog of products to multiple countries in Europe. Due to differences in shipping costs, each product must have a unique price for each country. How do you configure the unique prices? *
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