2020 Winter Innovation Summit Feedback
Dear Summiteers,

Thank you very much for attending the 2020 Winter Innovation Summit. We appreciate your participation and support, and we would also very much appreciate your feedback. Please take just a few minutes to share your feedback from 2020 and your suggestions for 2021. We are dedicated to improving the Summit experience each year, and your input is our best tool!


The Sorenson Impact Center
Please share what you liked best about the Summit and a meaningful take away.
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How satisfied were you with:
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Very dissatisfied
NA/Did Not Attend
The Summit overall
The mainstage content
The Deep Dive content
Networking opportunities
"Aggie" film reception (Weds)
"Art After Dark" reception (Thurs)
Snow Day (Fri)
Catalytic Capital Demo Day (Thurs)
Student Networking Event (Thurs)
Do you have a particular take away from the mainstage sessions? A favorite speaker or moment?
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Do you have a particular take away from the Deep Dives you attended? A favorite speaker or moment? (Please specify the Deep Dives you refer to)
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This year we strove to increase the diversity of voices and experiences of those attending and speaking at the Summit. We worked in partnership with allies and organizations to do so in an authentic but deliberate way. Please share any thoughts you have about our efforts. Your feedback is crucial to our continuous learning and growth.
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How likely would you be to participate in a non Snow Day on Friday (as an alternative to skiing)?
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Very Unlikely
How likely would you be to participate in a pre-Summit training or networking event on the Tuesday before the Summit?
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How likely are you to attend the Summit next year?
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Please share any other feedback.
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