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We're so thrilled you're thinking about bringing SVARA faculty members or SVARA-style learning to your community! Thank you for believing in SVARA's vision to create spaces of rigorous learning that recognize as crucial the insights of all those on the margins. Please take a moment to answer the following questions to help us learn more about what you're thinking about, so we can dream and scheme together about the best way to bring traditionally radical learning to your community! Questions? Write to James (!
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Why do you want to bring SVARA to your community? Please touch on the following: 1. Are there any connections between SVARA-niks and your community, and 2. What specifically is it about our mission and programming that makes us a great fit?
Please describe your community in 1-2  sentences.
What is your role in the community to which you're hoping to bring us?
What kind of program/learning experience did you have in mind? (Please check all that apply!)
When are you hoping to make this program happen? (Please include dates and times, if you have them!)
Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?
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