We Still Like You Submission Form
Here are some basic Do’s and Don’ts for submitting!

DO be as open with us as you can. Our audience responds to vulnerability so don’t pull any punches. Embrace your shame!

DO NOT send us a link to a blog or a document to download. We receive a lot of submissions and do not have time to go through lots of different steps to get to a story. Each WSLY story is around 6-8 minutes long, so please send a written story that is just a few paragraphs long and can be told in that time frame.

DO explain why this story is shameful to you. The ideal WSLY story is one that you aren’t necessarily proud to tell. It should make you feel weird.

DO NOT send a headshot or clip. If we like your story we’ll try to reach out within a couple months, but we sometimes book several months ahead of time so don’t worry if you don’t hear back right away.

DO interpret shame however you’d like. It’s a complex emotion that can come from a wide variety of sources so dig deep!

DO NOT humblebrag. A story of you being kind of embarrassing but mostly awesome is great but it doesn’t fit this particular show.

DO feel free to think outside the box. Want to tell your story as a song? Go for it! Do you have a video to play or photo to show? Hell yeah! We support any type of performance provided that our venue can handle it.

DO NOT send us stories about pooping/peeing. This may sound weirdly specific but we’ve received nearly 20 of these types of stories already so unless you really feel like your story is completely unique from the other ones we’ve heard, it may be best to choose another topic.

Any other submission questions can be directed to WeStillLikeYou@gmail.com

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