Protest Drums @ 7 Drum City - Young Souls Social Justice Task Force
The Young Souls Social Task Force are putting together an event to help us bring music and rhythm to the upcoming April protest weekends! The purpose of the form is to help us supply you with the necessary tools you need in order to impress your friends with some sick beats. We can provide you with the materials necessary for success, namely buckets, duct tape, bungee cords, and drum sticks (that's right, real f*ing drum sticks). And don't worry, if you'd rather just make signs and listen, that's cool too! Supplies will be available to people who want to make them and we will teach people how to make sandwich signs to wear with their drums!

These supplies cost money, so the plan is to go shopping before the event for supplies. Please fill the sheet out so you can order your supplies!

Your Full Name *
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What is your preferred bucket? (Typical bucket band bucket is the 5 gallon plastic drum.) *
Do you need more than one of any of the bucket options? Please describe how many of each you want.
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Do you want provided drum sticks? *
Do you need more than one set of drum sticks? Please put the number of pairs you need.
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Drum harness supplies - please check what you need. Fill out "other" if you want more than one bungee cord and say how many you need:
Building drums will happen between 7-7:30pm and practice will happen afterward. Which practices do you expect you will you be able to attend? (You must come to one of these to pick up your supplies if you are ordering something)
Which marches do you expect to be able to play with us?
Can you plan to donate $5 to the studio for letting us use their space? They want to get holsters for real drums to be able to play, too! *
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