Westgate Career Day: Friday, February 2nd
Westgate Elementary School will be holding our annual Career Day on Friday, February 2nd. We are looking for volunteers to present your job to students.  You will be assigned to different classrooms with 20 minutes in each room.  Our focus will be on how you use the Portrait of a Graduate attributes in your daily work.  Please complete this questionnaire regarding your interest in presenting.  Deadline is January 19th.
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Portrait of a Graduate attributes are: 
  • Communicator
  • Collaborator
  • Ethical & Global Citizen
  • Creative & Critical Thinker
  • Goal-Directed & Resilient Individual

See the information below to understand more about these attributes.
POG Attributes
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Provide a short description of your presentation including activities students will participate in during your visit.  The more hands on (activities, visuals, tactile objects) the more engaged students will be. *
Will you be bringing any items/props that require more space than would fit in a classroom or that is not easily transported (i.e. vehicle, animals, equipment, etc.)? *
If you answered yes to the previous question, what item(s) are you bringing?
Which POG attributes to you *think* you will be incorporating? (it is ok if this changes as you prepare) *
Which grade levels would you prefer to present to? *
Please choose a time slot *
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