Become an Americana Ambassador!
The Americana Ambassador Program is a sustainable board of young professionals focused on expanding the awareness, resources and impact of Americana and its programs. The Program also gives young professionals the space to network, gain leadership and professional experience, and build lasting relationships with community and business leaders.

Examples of potential tasks include:
- Help organize a Paint-and-Wine Night!
- Write a handful of personal thank you notes to Americana donors
- Visit international restaurants and interview the chef/owner for our upcoming authentic eater's guide
- Help create and implement a "training" for the community about the international population in Louisville, what obstacles they often face, who is there to help, and how they can be better neighbors

Ambassador Program requirements:
- A commitment to Americana World Community Center and its mission
- Agree to serve a one-year term
- Attend and actively participate in monthly Ambassador meetings (or follow ups if unavailable) and at least one Americana activity or event
- Sign up for at least one activity or task to help Americana advance it’s mission

If you have any questions, please email Antigona Mehani at When we receive this form, we'll follow up to let you know
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Please write a short bio that may be shared on Americana's website. Of course if you don't want to tell the world who you are, that's completely fine. We'd still love to hear about who you are.
Why are you interested in becoming an Ambassador?
How would you like to contribute? If you're not sure, what are your strengths?
What do you hope to get out of being an Ambassador?
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