Submission Form for Video (read the description box before filling the form)
1. The content must be in video form having full focus on our Site "Archntech". Content also has to attract people to sign up. Please bear in mind that we are building a platform for professionals (architect,engineer), property owners, service providers, suppliers and other related and interested parties associated with the design and development of real estate and construction industry professionals.

2. Video must be 1080p in .avi format; highest time length 60 seconds.

3. Content must me relevant to ”“ your words and tool will be there, think deep how you will promote Archntech through a video. video can be a sort film, a stop motion project or any graphical movement, but must be relevant to our subject.

3. Complete the form and upload the video into your google drive. Give us the link in our form.

4. We will pick up 10 best submissions and then open for public vote where the most popular video will take the crown.

5. We will pick three winners and the prize money will be in bdt 5000, 3000 and 2000 accordingly.

6. We may knock you to handover the copyright of your video through a proposition.

7. Dead line is 30th July, 2018.

8. Dead line and any rules might be changed under the authority of Archntech.

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