Problem Glyph Request Form
This is where you submit your problem to be drawn as a problem glyph.
1. If you need help right now, please go to

2. You do not have to pay for glyphs, but if you want to support the project, and are in a position to do so (please take care of yourself first!), you can donate to Problem Glyphs on PayPal (, or become a patron on Patreon ( This project is how the artist makes their living. Donations will not affect how or if your request is drawn.

3. I cannot answer glyph requests that include direction about the content of the glyph. Please do not ask for specific images or animals, because I will not be able to fill that request.

4. Once you have submitted a problem, it cannot be unsubmitted. It will remain in the queue indefinitely, or until drawn.

5. Business inquiries, commission requests, and interview requests should be sent to Problem Glyph's business manager, Simon Berman:

6. DO NOT put questions, comments or concerns here. They cannot be answered and will be deleted. Instead, email

Please note: There are approximately 3000 glyph requests ahead of you. The volume of requests has put some restrictions on fulfillment. Please be patient. Glyph requests are prioritized by subject matter that has not been addressed before. If a glyph for a similar or identical problem already exists, chances are that yours will not be drawn quickly, if at all.

We are currently working on creating an accessible database of glyphs.

Thank you so much for trusting me with your problem, and I hope I am able to help.
Type your problem into the box below.
Glyph requests are limited to 500 characters. The more concise your request is, the better the glyph will be. All requests are anonymous.
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