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-Please be advised that submitting the form does not ensure automatic approval. You will receive an e-mail letting you know the when it is approved.

-If you cancel or change an event date, set up date or time, you MUST notify church office and all groups affected as soon as posible. Failure to do so prevents other groups from using the space and could affect your group's ability to schedule events in the future. This is especially important for recurring weekly or monthly events or meetings.

-All groups MUST clean up after themselves. No food trash should be left in church (dump or take cans to kitchen).

-Church must be reassembled unless you have made arrangements with Maintenance Department in advance.

-Isles must be left clear for daily Mass regardless of arrangements.

-School gate must be closed upon departure (after 8 p.m. close it no mater who else is left in the building).

-Report all problems with A/C, water leaks, damage, etc. right away by text or phone to Donna at 305-733-1529

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