Module 4: Preparing All Students for College
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Now that you’ve seen some examples of skills that pave the way for success at college, let’s reflect on your current instruction and how it will benefit your student after high school. It’s a great habit to build this reflection into your lesson planning and IEP development. While it seems simple, it can be easy to fall into routines and forget to ask the “why?” and what the impact may be in the future. There are no right or wrong answers; these are simply some questions to begin asking yourself in your teaching practice.
1. Look at the typical schedule for one of your students. Which activities are promoting independence? Where is there room to grow in promoting their independence? *
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2. How are your students included in general education classrooms and in the community? Did they choose where they wanted to be included? If you teach a self-contained classroom, what peer relationships do your students have with those outside of their room? How can you help foster those relationships and the prerequisite skills to make friends? *
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3. Self-determination is a key factor in college success. Reflect on your students IEP meetings and the document itself. How have you ensured your students are part of the process of creating the IEP and how did you ensure their participation in the IEP planning and/or the meeting(s)? *
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4. What are three activities you are going to implement in your classroom to help prepare your students for college or other post secondary success? For each, please include why you have selected those activities. These can be activities you learned from this section or your own ideas. *
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