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This form is to let us know you are going to be attending one (or more) of our groups. If the group is full we will let you know you are on the waiting list, but if you don't hear anything assume you are in.

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Girls Lab (early group)
MONDAYS 3:15 to 5pm We will be looking into all sorts of scientific experiments, from making slime to building bridges and experimenting with electricity. This group is primarily for those up to 12yrs old but if you are older and think that sounds like fun, you are most welcome to join us as well. Facilitated by Verena Pschorn. Term 3 starts on Monday the 2nd Aug (SECOND WEEK DO TERM)
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Girls Lab (late group)
MONDAYS 5pm to 6:30pm For those 13+. Unlike the earlier group, we will get more into coding, game design and web design. You can also bring your own techie projects. We are totally fine with you coming in anytime after school (while the younger group is running) to hangout and use the computers for your projects. Facilitated by Verena Pschorn. Term 3 starts on Monday the 2nd Aug (SECOND WEEK DO TERM)
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Science and Tech Group
TUESDAY 3:15 to 5pm(ish) This group is all about looking at the world with our sciencey brains turned on. We dig into anything that seems interesting and attempt experiments or challenges. Things sometimes go as we expect and sometimes not (but we like that too). Every term it is a different topic. Last term it was all about Fungi and THIS TERM we are all about DISASTERS. Facilitated by Kevin Waugh. Term three starts on Tuesday the 27 July
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Robotics Group
WEDNESDAY 3:15 to 5pm(ish). Participants are expected to have some basic python coding skills - just check with us if you are unsure. As with everything we do, it is mostly "learn as you go" but Python will be the main language so it is good to have a head start. We will be working on some autonomous mobile AI robots. Facilitated by Kevin Waugh Sheldon White. There are is limited space in this group so we will confirm your attendance (or you will be on the waiting list). This group starts term 3 on Wednesday the 28th July.
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Coding Group
THURSDAY 3:15 to 5pm(ish) Before you can create your own AI overlord, make a billion dollars with your game, or construct your mind-controlled robot, you need to play with code. This group is for doing just that with friends. Open to anyone 9yrs and up. Their might be a waiting list and if so we will contact you, otherwise assume you are in. Our older members help out and we also teach each other. Facilitated by Kevin Waugh and the senior QRL members. This group starts term 3 on the Thursday the 29th July.
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Questionable Projects
THURSDAY 5pm(ish) to 8:30pm This is teens only (13+) and it is our time for ANY project. Any. It could be coding, making, designing, whatever. Really. If you are into something, be into it with others. This is a social, clever, weird, play time. We have a shared unhealthy dinner, so bring $8 for that if you want to join in (a good idea). Now we have a kitchen we might have a go at cooking a few. I am open to ideas. Facilitated by Sheldon White and Kevin Waugh. This group starts term 3 on the 29th of July
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Friday Games Night
FRIDAY at 6:30 to 8ish. Would you like to have a go playing creative imaginative games? This is your time! Board games, card games, Dungeons & Dragons - we will play it all! If you have an existing group and would like to come together to play in a social environment, bring your group and join us. From 30th July
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