Interest Form for "Building a Culture of Dialogue on Israel": Brought to you by IAN & Resetting the Table
This is the interest form for "Building a Culture of Dialogue on Israel", 2 professional development trainings brought to you by Israel Action Network in partnership with Resetting the Table. Part A will be on 3/4 from 12-2 PM EST, and Part B will be on 3/18 from 12-2:30 PM EST. The sessions will both be limited to 24 participants only, and in order to participate you must commit to attending both parts A & B ahead of time. If you're interested in participating, please fill out the interest form below. If you have secured a spot, IAN will contact you within the coming weeks to provide you with the Zoom link to register.

Short description of the sessions below:
These train-the-trainer workshops will provide community leaders with replicable tools they can use when convening a group for dialogue on Israel and other charged issues across differences of viewpoint, generation, and background. The methodology will be practice-based and experiential, with participants walking through exercises they can bring to their own communities. Come prepared to share your own views and experiences, practice communication skills for addressing differences, and learn best practices and success stories from other communities.

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