Spur Compatibility Quiz
An unofficial account of whether Spur might be right for you?
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Is living off-grid (no city electricity/or water) a top priority?
high priority
low priority
How important is high speed internet?
very low importance
very high importance
What kind of social environment do you value?
I need people around me on a regulur basis
I enjoy being by myself most the time
How reliable is your access to transportation?
not reliable
very reliable
Is your current source of income reliable enough to live in a town with very few jobs?
What pace of life suits you the best?
I need things moving constantly
I like to take things slow
How agreeable are you with dry hot temperatures?
not agreeable
What type of relationships via community are you looking for in a small town?
I like to be unknown
l like to be known
Spur is a dry town (no alcohol sold). How contented are you with that?
not content
Do you adjust to new environments easily?
No, I don't like change
Yes, I love change
What is your shopping ritual?
I shop to shop
i shop when in need
How often do you need to see a medical professional?
not regularly
Cost of living varies in Spur. Are you willing to pay more for some services, knowing that your land and housing are very affordable?
No, not willing
Yes, makes sense
How much do you value recycling?
How crucial is it for you to be near a large city? Spur is an hour away from Lubbuck.
very crucial
not crucial
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