Lakeview Park Scavenger Hunt
So, you think you know Lakeview Park's monuments?

This scavenger hunt inside the park will test your knowledge of Lorain and your attention to detail. You've been here many times to enjoy the nature that surrounds you, but how well do you know the history of this park?
You will first be given a clue that you will need to decipher. Once you think you know what person, monument, or park feature the clue is referring to, type your answer into the text box IN ALL CAPS. Once you correctly answer the first clue, you will automatically move on to the next clue. If you answer incorrectly, a hint will appear in red to help you find the correct answer! In addition to looking for these monuments, you will also be able to learn more about them in our "Did you know?" sections after you have guessed correctly! Lakeview Park is rich with history and character and we hope that this activity will help you connect with these "monumental" surroundings!

Don't forget to write your answers in ALL CAPS!
(Header photo cred: Ernest D. Glover)
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