New Societies Application Form (Round 4)
Please make sure you've read our New Societies Guidance Document before completing this application form. This can be found here:
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What's the name of your new society? *
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Would you be a Mile End (ME) or Bart and the London (BL) society? *
For more information about the difference between ME and BL societies see the New Societies Guidance document.
What category of society would you be? *
For more information about the differences between these categories please see the New Societies Guidance document. Please note that the category you've selected may be changed by the Societies Board so that your categorisation best matches your society aims.
Description of the society you'd like to start. *
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Please list the 3 main aims of the society. *
Please note that society aims automatically stay the same each year and can only be changed by society members in the AGM. More information about developing society aims can be found in the New Societies Guidance document. Please note that fundraising for charity cannot be the main aim of a society.
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What are the 3 main objectives you'd like to achieve in 2019-20? *
Examples could include a minimum number of paid members, a minimum number of events, running a specific campaign, etc.
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