Civic Exchange: Program Manager
Civic Exchange is looking for a dynamic, organized and civically-motivated program manager. The program manager will help us shape the future of Chicago civic startups through helping us develop a network of funders and like-minded local organizations, and kickstarting our internal and public programming.

Please read the full job description for more information about what we're looking for:

After you fill out this application, please send an email with your resume attached to with the subject line "Program Manager"

We will stop accepting applications at noon (Central Time) on September 9. We encourage you to get your application and resume in as soon as possible, as we will begin reviewing applications on a rolling basis.
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We are only accepting applications from people who live in Chicago as you'll need to work from our downtown office sometimes.
Writing Section
For the following questions, please keep your answers short; they should be about a paragraph or two in length (seriously!). The purpose of these questions is to get a sense of your personality and perspective, the way you communicate and think. Feel free to interpret questions broadly and be creative.

Think of this section as the replacement for the cover letter.
Tell us about your interest in civic startups in Chicago *
What got you excited about this position? Do you have experience being involved in the civic ecosystem here (however you define it)?
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Everyone at Civic Exchange is passionate about improving the civic health of Chicago. What is one way you’re motivated to change the field, or one issue that you’re passionate about fixing? *
Note: We're not looking for lightning bolts of genius — just want to know what makes you tick!
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What experience do you have in fundraising or communicating with funders (foundations, philanthropists, etc.)? *
Part of the job will be to help us secure more support for this new endeavor. Please share any experience you have in raising money, writing grants, communicating on behalf of an organization to funders / investors.
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What experience do you have in bringing community together? *
This job will include planning, marketing and hosting events. Tell us about your experience in planning and executing in-person gatherings (you can pull from your personal life, too).
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Tell us about an ongoing system or process you've developed to solve a problem in your life, workplace, or community. *
(Can be as simple as creating a routine for packing your lunch in advance. Just make sure you tell us what the problem was and how you solved it.)
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Civic Exchange is run by people running their own companies and non-profits. Tell us about your experience working independently. *
The founding members of Civic Exchange are all over-extended, and we're looking for someone who is very self-motivated and a self-starter. Tell us why that describes you (E.g., you freelance, run your own business, have worked at jobs without a dedicated manager, etc.)
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What other experience would you like to highlight for us that could contribute to your strength as a program manager? *
These can be experiences obtained through your professional experience or personal life.
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Things that we’re curious about but won’t influence the strength of your application
If you are selected for this position, how soon could you start? *
We anticipate we'll make an offer sometime in September 2019.
How did you hear about this opening? *
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Notes from above:
Please give detail about where you heard about this so we know how the word is being spread.
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Do you identify as a member of a population that is underrepresented or marginalized in the tech, data or news industries?
This is just to assess whether we’re recruiting and hiring a wide spectrum of candidates. We do not use this to make a judgment on the strength of your application. If you'd like to share more about how you identify, you may use the space below (but it's not required).
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Reminder: After you fill out this application, please send an email with your resume attached to with the subject line "Program Manager"
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