Mariposa County Child Care Assessment 2019

If you have children and live in Mariposa County, we want to hear from you! The Mariposa County Health and Human Services Agency recently did a Community Needs Assessment which identified childcare as a great need in the County, and we would like your input so we can learn more. This survey, the 2019 Mariposa County Child Care Assessment, will help us assess the community's child care needs.

There will be volunteers around the community conducting the 2019 Mariposa County Child Care Assessment as live interviews. We ask that you do not participate in the live interviews if you have already completed the 2019 Mariposa County Child Care Assessment online.

Thank you!
1. What area of Mariposa County do you live in?
2. Please select the number of children you have in each age range
0-3 years (infant toddler)
4-5 (preschool)
6-10 (elementary school)
11-15 (middle school)
16-18 (high school)
3. Are any of your children in childcare or after-school care?
4. What kind of child/after care does your child/children attend?
Licensed Family Childcare Home
Licensed Center-based Care
After-School Program
Family/friends watch my children
0-5 years
6-10 years
11-15 years
16-18 years
5. If not accessing childcare, why not? Please share additional reasons in the "other" option.
6. Is your current childcare situation satisfying your family’s childcare needs? Please share additional thoughts in the "other" option.
7. What additional unmet needs for childcare does your family have?
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