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Lacrosse is a sport that has been played for hundreds of years, originally started by indigenous peoples.

It is a sport that centers teamwork over individuals, constant improvement over natural talent, and community over competition.

New Horizons Lacrosse is a local organization dedicated to growing the number of low-income students and students of color (Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and AAPI) who play the sport of lacrosse. We recognize that lacrosse is a sport with some of the highest barriers to entry including cost of equipment and lack of regional familiarity in Texas which results in a lack of players of color.

New Horizons Lacrosse Fall Ball 2021 program will begin in September 2021. More details will be sent via email to those who register using this form.
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We are aware that participating in lacrosse is a potentially hazardous activity. We assume all risks associated with the sport, including but not limited to falls, contact with other participants, effects of weather and other risk conditions associated with the sport of lacrosse. All such risks are known and understood by us. We hereby release and hold harmless New Horizons Lacrosse Fund, its directors, members, officers, employees, agents and other representatives, Austin Community Foundation, Austin Independent School District (AISD), ACE,Central Texas Youth Lacrosse Association (CTYLA) and the coaches and staff involved with team activities, from any and all damages and claims suffered by us, the Player or any of our participant in team activities. We understand this informed consent and release and agree to its conditions on behalf of the Player. We also understand that without this agreement, the Player would not be able to participate in camp.
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