Covid-19 Services Questionnaire
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Please List all students attending Springville School
Do you want to continue to receive school lunches? *
Parents will be notified of the approximate time of delivery. A student must be available at the bus stop when deliveries are made. If purchasing a school lunch payments can be mailed to Springville School, PO BOX 349, Springville, CA 93265 or given to school staff making lunch deliveries. Please place payments, along with your student's name(s) in a sealed envelope.
Do you have internet access at your home? *
If not, there are options to access AT&T for a minimal fee or there is a free option through Spectrum for Internet Service. Parents would be required to make those arrangements.
Does your child have access to a computer for on-line activities and instruction? *
If not, a school Chromebook will be issued during the school closure once a parent signs the Chromebook Agreement.
Should your child need additional services such as Psychology, Speech, or Social Services, please contact our school social worker, Amanda Southard, at 559-799-4341 *
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