School Design Team: Nebraska
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Invest in the TrueSchool teams of your choice. You are part of our “crowd-investment” approach: we are distributing decision-making for how these funds are invested. We believe educators and local community members know best. We want you to decide where this money goes, based on your review of TrueSchool Blueprints in your state.

Remember, you can invest in one team, or distribute your $250 among several teams! The choice is yours! Consider which ideas and teams have the greatest potential for enduring student impact.

Note: Funds will not be dispersed until all members of your School Design Team have completed the TrueSchool End-of-Year Survey (see email).

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To micro-invest in a TrueSchool Blueprint for a School Design Team, simply check the corresponding checkbox in the chart below.
Please be sure your micro-investments total $250 exactly.
TWO SPRINGS - Reigniting the Love of Learning
KNICKREHM - A Creative Way to Empower Parents
A.B. NEWELL - Pair Reading for Increased Fluency
GATES - Inquiry Opportunities to Empower Students
ENGLEMAN - Wildcat Power Reading for Ownership and Resilience
HTRS - Empower the LOVE of Reading
WILLOWDALE - Student Choice in Literacy Workstations
ROWHER - Literacy Stations to Deepen Understanding
TWIN RIDGE - Phonological Awareness Intervention
BETZ- Platform for Success for Earliest Learners
CHAPMAN - Family Partnerships for Home Literacy and Relationship Building
EZRA MILLARD - Language Arts Model for Learning Targets
WHEELER - Changing Mindsets to Improve School Mission
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