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3. I authorize HPEC to request, receive, and verify all information given on this application and I release HPEC from all damages that may result from your doing so.

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5. Notwithstanding any other provision to the contrary, all contracts are subject to termination by the employing board of education, without further proceedings and without reference to any other law or contractual arrangement, if the results of the criminal history records checks required by state law reveal employee has been convicted of any offense, or of any attempt to commit any offense, specified in K.S.A. 1999 Supp. 72-1397, and amendments thereto.

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Job Description
TITLE: Paraprofessional

QUALIFICATIONS: Minimum – high school diploma or equivalency

REPORTS TO: Assigned professional, Principal, PHEC Director/Assistant Director

JOB GOAL: Assist in the provision of special education and related services. Although paraprofessionals are employed and assigned to a professional, paraprofessionals are expected to work with teams of educators to provide support and services for students.

Demonstrate strict standards of confidentiality.
Demonstrate punctuality.
Demonstrates attitude that promotes a positive school environment.
Take responsibility for the quality of own work.
Provide support for students as planned by professional staff.
Organize and prepare materials.
Assist students as needed, including mobility and self-help (diapering, feeding, dressing, etc.).
Demonstrates problem solving skills.
Teaching self-responsibility.
Follow team prescribed procedures for academic, social, communication, and behavioral intervention plans.
Participate in collaborative planning.
Communicate and work collaboratively with general education teachers, administrators, and other special education service providers/consultants.
Share in school wide duties as assigned and which do not conflict with student time.
Share in recordkeeping duties, including progress monitoring, as assigned by professional staff.
Participate in inservice and training,  both required and as agreed upon by paraprofessional and professional staff.
Support students in all school environments, including community-based training.
Provide short-term coverage for professional and paraprofessional peers.
Seek assistance from other team members as needed to facilitate student progress.
Travel to/from schools as required by the job.
Responsibly lifts persons or equipment of 50 pounds or more using proper techniques (two or more people needed for weights about 50 pounds or for identified students with lifting concerns).
Follow district and HPEC policy, protocol, procedures, and programs when implementing duties.
Other duties as assigned.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:  Salary and work year to be established by the Board.

EVALUATION:  Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provision of the Board’s policy on evaluation of paraprofessional personnel.

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