Workshop: Transition to Kindergarten Event Evaluation Form
Section Title: Transition to Kindergarten
Presenter: Cindi Toledo
Date: May 2020
School/Location: W.C. Britt Elementary

Directions: We would like to hear from our families about this session. Please select the choice that matches your opinion and answer the last four questions.
I learned about Transition to Kindergarten strategies, materials and resources.
I learned where to find materials and resources to support my child in kindergarten transition.
I understand how to use the information I learned today.
The information and materials presented in this workshop will help me support my child’s ability to have a successful entry into kindergarten
The day and time of this workshop/event were convenient for me.
I would suggest a different time of the day for the workshop.
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What training do you suggest for teachers, so they can assist you in supporting your child’s home learning?
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The most useful resources provided to me during this event were . . .
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I would like more information about . . .
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