Final: OES: Remote Learning Survey
The district is gathering feedback regarding remote learning for the 2019-2020 SY. If you have more than one child enrolled in the Orange Elementary Schools, please complete this survey for your oldest child or complete a survey for each of your children enrolled in the Orange Elementary Schools. All survey information is confidential.
1. My child attends the . . . *
2. My child is in . . . *
3. My child receives (check all that apply)
4. My child has been able to participate in remote learning through . . . *
5. Teachers have been providing activities and lessons for your child, so you feel these activities and lessons have been useful in continuing your child's learning? *
No. The activities and lessons have NOT continued my child's learning progress.
Yes. The activities and lesson HAVE continued my child's learning progress.
6. How challenging has it been in supporting your child with remote learning? *
Very challenging. It is difficult to support my child with his/her remote learning.
Not challenging. It has not been an issue supporting my child with hs/her remote learning.
7. How much time does your child spend participating in remote learning daily. Include both screen time and non-screen time. *
8. Is your child participating on a set remote learning schedule or are they participating in remote learning throughout the day? *
9. My child completes ______ of remote learning activities and lessons. *
10. Have you been able to contact your child's teacher(s) with questions during remote learning? *
No. I have NOT been able to contact my child's teacher(s)
Yes. I HAVE been able to contact my child's teacher(s).
11. Has your child's teacher(s) reached out to you regarding remote learning and your child's progress? *
No. I have had NO contact from my child's teacher.
Yes. My child's teacher HAS made contact with me and my child.
12. What method has your child's teacher used to reach out to your family and child? Check all that apply. *
13. Which online learning tools have been most helpful? Check all that apply *
14. How helpful has the feedback your child received been in supporting remote learning? *
NOT helpful at all
VERY helpful
15. How concerned are you about your child's social or emotional well-being? *
NOT concerned at all.
VERY concerned
16. Have you used any of the school based and community based resources listed below to assist your child with his/her well-being during remote learning. Check all that apply.
17. Has you child been participating in the remote learning school lunches? *
18. Has your child's school provided resources for your child social or emotional well-being? *
No. The school has provided NO resources for my child or my family.
Yes. The school HAS provided resources for my child and family.
19. Do you have materials at home to participate in remote learning activities and lessons -- such as, crayons, glue, scissors, paper, markers, etc. *
No. We do NOT have the basic materials needed for remote learning activities or lessons.
Yes. We HAVE all the materials necessary for the remote learning activities and lesson.
20. What could the Orange Elementary Schools done to make the remote learning more accessible and successful for your child? *
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